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The Recruitment Process

At Xenia we want you to feel like part of our fantastic team from the get go!  

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Applying is easy - simply hit the 'Apply Now' button and you will be sent to our careers site. Fill out your details and answer a few questions and wait to hear back!

Registration Session

If successful at the application stage you will then be invited to a registration session in one of our offices. 

We will begin by asking you a few questions, just so we can get to know you better, before telling you a little bit about us and how we work. 


We will finish with a hospitality skills assessment, but don't worry this is just allows us to see where you're at so we can place you in positions appropriate for you. We can teach skills, but we can't change a bad attitude so we are looking for enthusiastic, shining personalities. 

Get to Work! 

It's now time for your first shift! Make sure you have thoroughly read the handbook beforehand to make sure you're up to speed with everything expected of you. There is also some really useful information in there such as how to use the App and things to know which help make sure you're confident before going to work.

Download our App

We'll be in touch straight after the registration session to let you know if you have been successful - if you have, Congratulations!  You will be sent a link to download our handbook and App where you'll be able to book all your shifts.

Ready to join the Xenia team?

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